Locomotiva metalica Rocket Thomas cu vagon Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Push Along GHK71 GCK94


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Cod produs: GHK71 GCK94 ASST.
Barcode: 887961795578
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Descriere: Preschoolers can re-live their favorite moments from the Thomas & Friends™ TV show with this push-along die-cast train engine from Fisher-Price®.  When a mischievous engine starts wreaking havoc on Sodor, Thomas loads a rocket booster onto his cargo car to give chase and save the day. Young conductors can push Rocket Thomas™ along any Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ or wood track to create exciting Sodor adventures.

Avertismente: Nerecomandat copiilor cu varsta sub 3 ani. Varsta recomandata: 3+ ani. Produsul poate contine piese mici ce pot fi inghitite si cauza asfixiere. Nu lasati ambalajul produsului la indemana copiilor. Indepartati orice ambalaj si accesoriu al produsului inainte de a oferi jucaria copilului. Va recomandam sa supravegheati copilul in timp ce foloseste produsul. Pastrati instructiunile si etichetele pentru referinte viitoare. Feriti produsul de foc, temperaturi ridicate si umiditate.

EN TrackMaster Push Along is a Thomas & Friends die-cast toy range produced by Fisher-Price and the successor to the Adventures range. The design of the engines and vehicles is similar to Adventures, but with wider chassis that fit on TrackMaster track and couplings that attach to Motorized TrackMaster vehicles.

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