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Jucarie roz, Betty Blinky Toddys by SIKU, compatibila Lego® DUPLO®

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Product Code: TODDYS BY SIKU 0102

Jucarie educativa, 2 piese, masina roz cu fetita blonda Betty Blinky SIKU TODDYS 0102, 18+ luni, compatibila #LegoDUPLO

Descriere: Gama Toddys de la SIKU incurajeaza creativitatea si stimuleaza functiile motorii la bebelusi (functia Click & Play). Cuprinde 18 personaje, fetite si baieti, fiecare personaj cu vehiculul sau. Vehiculele se pot combina atat intre ele, cat si cu alte jucarii de la alti producatori (gen caramidute), exemplu Lego Duplo (#LegoDuplo). Colectioneaza si celelalte modele din gama Siku SUPER. NU UITATI, ORICE PERSONAJ SIKU TODDYS, MODEL SIKU SI WIKING POATE FI ADUS LA COMANDA 😉

Caracteristici: Masinuta compusa din 2 piese, deplasare cu frictiune.

Dimensiuni s vehicul (l x w x h): 155 x 70 x 58 mm

Avertismente: Nerecomandat copiilor cu varsta sub 18 luni. Varsta recomandata: 18+ luni. Produsul poate contine piese mici ce pot fi inghitite si cauza asfixiere. Nu lasati ambalajul produsului la indemana copiilor. Indepartati orice ambalaj si accesoriu al produsului inainte de a oferi jucaria copilului. Pastrati instructiunile si etichetele pentru referinte viitoare. Feriti produsul de foc, temperaturi ridicate si umiditate.

ENGLISH - Product details

  • Item number: 0102
  • Type: vehicle
  • Parts: 2-pieces
  • Dimensions vehicle (l x w x h): 155 x 70 x 58 mm
  • Dimension figure: 75 mm
  • Weight: 145 gr.
  • Friction motor: yes
  • Light & Sound: no
  • 18+ months

Betty and her friend Blinky begin every day joyfully, they dance their way through life, and glitter like stars. Full of confidence, they convert a park into a stage in no time, and on it they rehearse a new performance for their friends.Exciting, top quality toy for children from 18 months and upwards, with friction motor (flywheel motor) to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, patience, and for having fun. The Betty play figure has movable parts: head can be turned, arms can be raised, and legs can be bent. The Blinky vehicle can be divided into two parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. Her charming eyes, glossy lips, and the glittering stars are Blinky’s trademarks. Betty Blinky is compatible with components from other manufacturers.siku “Click&Play” system: easy to combine thanks to the twist-and-push system of the vehicle parts.


Our Toddys are specially developed for children from 18 months upwards and offer age-appropriate support that accompanies the individual development process. The Toddys are versatile and endless playing fun is guaranteed. The rewarded high-quality toys help children develop fine motor skills, stamina, patience, endurance and concentration. The twelve different vehicles and planes are equiped with a high quality fricition motor for interactive play. Our Toddys are compatible with building blocks from other manufactures (ex. #Lego Duplo) and of course free of plasticizers and chemical substances. Haptic stimuli on the toys serve to stimulate the sense of touch, the movable toy figures and the individually designed light and sound effects support the characteristics of the vehicles. Thanks to a simple twist-and-lock system, the vehicle parts can be easily combined and thus promote the motor skills of the child.

Together with their happy drivers and pilots, lovingly and imaginatively designed vehicles and aircraft experience exciting stories. In the well-known siku quality and providing so much playing fun, the Toddys support the development of small children from 18 months upwards. The Toddys encourage cognitive and motor skills, as well as speech development. With age-appropriate functionality and accompanying stories, the Toddys also support socially interactive play, concentration, and perseverance.

For the market launch, 12 Toddys by siku will drive in: from Betty Blinky to Zoe Zoomy. Figures with movable arms, legs, and friendly faces – in imaginative vehicles and aircraft. These create exciting, action-packed stories. In addition to the forms and colours of the Toddys, tactile features like fluting and soft knobs animate children, especially from 18 months upwards, to play and therefore to comprehension.

And they do even more than that because, using the siku click*play system, the Toddys are made up of two or three components. In addition to perseverance and concentration, the twist-and-push system above all promotes the children’s motor skills. The audible click when the pieces interlock successfully is not only a confirmation of success for the children, but it also guarantees a stable connection of the vehicle parts.