Cap tractor Scania R420 cu remorca siloz WIKING 0531 01 1:87


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Descriere: Macheta camion Scania cu remorca siloz inscriptionata „Spedition Chr. Carstensen”. Un cadou deosebit pentru colectionari si nu numai. 

EN Silo trailer truck (Scania/Spitzer) „Sped. Chr. Carstensen”, epoch VI.

Tractor cab in light blue with glazing in light topaz. Interior with steering wheel in basalt gray. Lower part of cab as well as underride guard on the side in dark gray. Chassis with cardan shaft and exhaust pipe as well as rear fenders and sun shield in black. Silver gray fifth-wheel plate. Inserted transparent headlights in the front, dark gray bumper, silver gray wheels. Black mirror set enclosed. Cab front with grill and air inlet printed in dark gray as well as white stripes and “Chr. Carstensen” writing. Windshield wipers in black, Scania logo printed silver. Sides of the cab with black window borders as well as company lettering and logo. Blind with silver headlights as well as bumper with light blue surface and “R420” type designation. Tank trailer as well as hydraulic cylinder, tread with ladder in light blue; fittings in the rear as well as bumper in silver gray. Chassis with stand and underride guard in brown red. Toolbox in black. Silver gray wheels; “Spedition Chr. Carstensen” company writing on the sides. Plus Spitzer logo in brown red on the front sides. Company logo in laurel wreath in the rear as well as lettering with telephone number in white. Tail lights printed red.

Scara: 1:87.

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